About us

We are the international team of people passionate and professional about the trips to volcanoes. We have travelled all over the world to feel the volcanoes’ energy and share the impressions with our followers. Our "base camp" in Bromo is the fruit of our passion for active volcanoes based on our successful experiences and knowledge of volcanoes. We are looking forward to making new discoveries, meeting you at the foot of Bromo volcano, and creating unforgettable memories together. We are confident that the place will inspire you as we are and that you will return home with a strong sense of satisfaction in your heart.

The guesthouse is located at only 1 km from the Mount Bromo crater, so it will be convenient for hiking while being safe but taking advantage of its power.

Get the best Indonesia experience!

Hotel Features

Private bathroom

Free WiFi

Car parking

Free Toiletries

Hot shower

Car airport

Souvenir shop

Snack shop

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